Automotive Building Projects

Most automotive dealerships have strict design and construction guidelines handed down to them from carmakers. Part of the challenge in an automotive building project is to find ways to get all the touchpoints handled, while adding a few cool things that go over and above to make the building unique, eye-catching, attractive to car buyers, and functional for your specific team.

The other part of the challenge? Keeping the showroom and services bays open during construction, so your sales, service, and parts teams can still get their own jobs done. As you’ll see from the pictures here, BPS is up to the task.

From renovation to new construction, dealers for Chevrolet, Ford, Lincoln, Toyota, Hyundai and more trust BPS with their business. No matter who your carmaker is, we’ll work with their requirements, and work with you to create an even better result. No cookie-cutter results that look like every other dealership, all while keeping you in a reasonable budget.

If you would like to discuss your upcoming project, please contact us