“It is not often in the field of construction that a project goes so smoothly. While no project progression is flawless, the experience I had with the professionals at Bonnette, Page & Stone in the building of the North Hampton Public Library comes extremely close.  Their professionalism and responsiveness to the needs of the library building committee as well as their anticipation of potential supply chain issues in the wake of the pandemic lead to the ultimate success of the project…They are true professionals in every aspect, and it was indeed a pleasure working with them.” Jacqueline Brandt, NHPL Building Advisory Committee Chair, North Hampton Library Board of Trustees

“As with any project there are usually some “hiccups” and BPS is very attentive and quick to respond when called. I can’t say enough about the relationship we have had with BPS. Their knowledge, skill, attention to detail and overall commitment has been outstanding.  BPS was very much involved throughout this project and continues to be a point of contact. BPS is a quality company, and I would not hesitate to recommend them for future work or to those looking for a top-notch project managing firm.” Mark B. Lewandoski, Chief of Police, Belmont Police Department, Belmont NH

“Adaptable and ingenious: That describes BONNETTE, PAGE & STONE CORP. As with many construction projects these days, we are facing material delays, price increases and more delays. Keith McBey and his crew have being proactive and adaptable to provide the school with temporary windows and a temporary mechanical system until we receive and install the actual products. They are bending over backwards to stay within budget and work outside school hours to limit the disruption.” Caroline Morel, Project Manager, Dennis Mires, P.A. The Architects in reference to the Hampstead Central School project

“BPS has been a trusted partner and advisor for several years as we worked together on the Colonial Theatre block rehabilitation project. I always found the BPS’s team to be committed, dedicated, and a quality partner. Our project was complex and required the coordination of dozens of contractors, design and engineering partners, municipal, state, and federal liaisons, and many others. BPS approached the project’s challenges with a can-do attitude and created many opportunities for the project. We are very happy with BPS’s work and the theatre and adjacent block looks great!” Justin J. Slattery, Executive Director, Belknap Economic Development Council

“A public-school building project is always a challenge.  Delivering a quality project during a global pandemic is an extraordinary challenge.  BPS’s professionalism was a crucial component in delivering a project on time and on budget.  They instituted protocols to ensure a safe working environment. They patiently and effectively worked with the school administration to implement revised drop-off procedures. They used their relationships with vendors to deliver the community-approved project. BPS was the right choice and best choice to complete this project.” Steven M. Chamberlin, Superintendent of Schools, Hopkinton School District

“In every area, BPS performed all their operations with the highest level of workmanship, attention to detail and quality.  Keeping our entire collection of books and materials in exact order while moving  and relocating them, took an extreme amount of planning and foresight.  BPS achieved this effortlessly, not one item was out of order, which was a herculean task.  Our renovation was completed on time and within budget which was another amazing feat.  They have checked in on us many times, after the work was completed, to be sure everything  was still to our satisfaction, and that shows their level of commitment and customer service.”  -Kandace Knowlton, Library Director, Chester Public Library, Chester NH

“It seems like we always hear the terms “on time and under budget” associated with building projects, whether or not that is actually a true statement.  In this case I can say the Webster at Rye project was definitely “on time and under budget…Having a project completed on time means there will be no lost revenue due to delays in occupancy. That is so important to our non-profit mission here at Webster at Rye.” -Alan S. Gould, President of Municipal Resources and Trustee, Webster at Rye.

“Throughout this project, the construction has been of the highest quality and I am consistently pleased at the attention to detail…It is a pleasure to be working with BPS on this project.” -Tom Argue, CEO; Administrator of Webster at Rye

“Your pride in workmanship and ability to work collaboratively with our design team was truly appreciated. As an establishment, you went above and beyond the call of duty throughout the project from start to finish. Attention to detail as well as vision of constructing a building that will take the community of Somersworth well into the century was more than we could have imagined.” -Brian Tapscott, Joint Building Committee Chairperson for Idlehurst Elementary School

“Every project has complications, the key is how do these complications get handled. You and your team have handled and continue to handle these issues seamlessly.  I am now part of the people who can say that BPS is a quality company that I would hire again, hence your reputation. The only way to get a reputation is to earn it, one job and one customer at a time.  You have earned it with me and my staff here at Cantin Chevrolet.” -Thomas E. Cantin, President of Cantin Chevrolet

“With a project of this magnitude, hundreds of issues had to be addressed on a daily basis. A tight time schedule for two complete school renovations and modest improvements to a third school only served to heighten the pressure. Nevertheless, you managed to meet and exceed expectations by completing all the work on time and on budget.” –Michael Delahanty, Superintendent Salem School District

“Your firm’s hard work and professionalism have resulted in the successful completion of one of the few High Performance School Buildings in New Hampshire.” -Virginia M. Barry Commissioner of Education for the State of New Hampshire Department of Education

“…the focus was on problem solving, value and what’s best for the project. Craftsmanship was excellent. In the end, the project is more than the owner could expect; on time and under budget. And we had some fun!”- Gerry Menke, CEO EGA Architects on the Mountain View Community Project

“Without hesitation, both the Superintendent of Schools and the Business Administrator for SAU 19 fully recommend Bonnette, Page & Stone as an outstanding Construction Manager and General Contractor. Client focus, attention to detail, cost competitiveness and continuing services after project completion are all included in our definition of BPS.” –Stacy Buckley Superintendent of Schools and Raymond Labore Business Administrator Goffstown School SAU #19