Green Building Technology

Building “green” is the new normal.  We deliver highly efficient, environmentally friendly buildings to make a positive impact on the environment and community whenever possible.  There are many advantages to Green Building Technology.  The cost of your building is only a fraction of the operational cost over the life of your structure.  The team’s decision regarding systems and materials are critically important over the life of the building.

Here in New Hampshire, we take a common sense approach to green building and focus on two things: 1) Saving you money on your operational costs, and 2) improving the performance of your building’s occupants. It’s experience driven, using the strategies that deliver a positive impact on a reasonable budget. Some of our favorite common-sense green building techniques include:

  • Proper building orientation
  • Daylight harvesting to offset electrical lighting
  • Rainwater harvesting for irrigation
  • Preventing air infiltration
  • Photovoltaics and smart lighting controls

However green you want your building to be, we’ll work with you and your budget to build the right solution for your situation.  Please call or email us to start the conversation.