Construction Management

When you select Bonnette, Page & Stone Corp. as the Construction Manager for your project, we become part of your team.

With the Construction Manager delivery method, the Owner, Architect, and Builder all work together in a partnership built on cooperation, transparency, and trust.  We work on behalf of the Owner to oversee all phases of construction and serve as clients’ advocates in important decisions. All Project Team members pull in the same direction, to serve the best interests of your project, your budget, and your timeline.


Our Construction Management process was founded on the principals of partnership, cooperation and trust. Working as a team; Owner, Architect and Builder pool their talents and experience to serve the best interest of the project. The result is quality and efficiency unmatched by any other building delivery system.


An open book policy at our office allows the Owner to be involved early in our cost analysis. This “no games” process allows informed decisions regarding both scope and cost to be made in the beginning stages of the design process.

Within the first two weeks on a team, BPS will provide accurate budgets. Our comprehensive system provides a complete budget including appropriate contingencies and “release valve” options. This allows for adjustments in line with Owner expectations should the bid market provide higher than expected numbers. Our goal is to position the team so that adjustments can be made in line with the expectations of those involved, avoiding unpleasant “value engineering” exercises.


BPS has been in constant operation since 1969. Fifty-one years of doing business in the state of New Hampshire market has elevated us over the competition when it comes to soliciting supplier and subcontractor bids. BPS Corp. has a long history of scheduling and executing projects at a successful pace. A project managed by BPS Corp. is attractive to subcontractors which results in a healthy bid response.


Between our bonding capacity and our comprehensive preconstruction systems, Owners can enjoy the security of dealing with an organization with staying power. Our approach instills the confidence that you are receiving the most out of every dollar.


If your organization is looking for a builder who can deliver on quality, budget and schedule all while treating you with the respect a partnership as such deserves; please look no further. We sincerely appreciate your time and consideration.

Please call or email us today to talk about your next project.