December 22, 2020, Lakeport, NH: Paugus Properties, LLC, owned by developer Scott Everett, has selected Bonnette, Page & Stone, Corp. of Laconia to manage the construction of the next phase of their Lakeport Revitalization Effort.  The purchased properties are located at 41 Elm Street and 9 Park Street in Lakeport and are a short distance away from the beautifully restored Lakeport Opera House at 781 Union Avenue, also owned by Paugus Properties, LLC.

Officially referred to as 1 Elm going forward, the first phase will begin in the upcoming weeks. Unlike the Opera House, the existing buildings are not structurally sound and will require demolition.  In their place will stand a beautiful mixed-use development that will include some retail space, leasable apartments, and purchasable condos.  The goal is to continue enhancing the area’s vibrancy by creating additional housing and business opportunities in a structurally sound, aesthetically pleasing new structure.

“Scott’s vision of and passion for enhancing this Lakeport neighborhood’s aesthetics and purpose is beyond exciting.  It’s great to see someone with local ties show so much passion for and desire to give back to the community he grew up in.  Paugus Properties is polishing a gem that was just waiting for its day to shine and it will shine for many years to come. We are thrilled to be part of this journey with Scott and his team.“ says Bonnette, Page & Stone President, Keith McBey.

“Every project BPS is selected for is amazing. We are grateful for each of them but there is something extra special about being selected for a project in your own backyard. I also have family connections to this neighborhood so being a part of its makeover means a lot to me on a personal level too.” says Bonnette, Page & Stone Vice President, Barrett Salta.

Construction will begin in early 2021 with anticipated completion in 2022. Bonnette, Page & Stone Corp will work directly with Paugus Properties’ Construction Project Manager, Mike Lokken.